Here at Meraki we believe in doing
things differently. 

We live by our philosophy of doing something with soul, creativity and love and pour this into each and everything we do. We are a gift and greeting cards store at our core, but in reality, we are so much more than that. 

We are a small team of talented female designers who live and breathe art and design. We believe in helping each other, channelling our powers through collaboration and collectively rising together to create the biggest impact of all. So we empower, collaborate, create and strive to provide unique and innovative products whilst maintaining what is really important to us - putting something of ourselves in our work. We are a platform for change, a hub of inspiration and a space to get creative. 

We don’t think you should ever compromise on quality and that is why we personally choose only the finest materials to print our cards onto. Sustainability and supporting local is very important to us and that is why all our products are made in the UK and sourced for their ethical accreditation.

Good working practices, strengthening connections, and finding something great in all that you do is essential to us. Whether it is for yourself or a friend, when you shop with Meraki, you are empowering a young female creative and supporting their worth.

Shop our latest collection today and find just what you are looking for. 

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Empowering young female talent is at our core. Women who support each other and hold each other up have the power to create change. 


We believe in strengthening connections with a personal touch. We are here to help you capture, cherish and celebrate all of life’s special moments with designs that are created with soul creativity and love.  

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There are no compromises when it comes to quality and value for money. We create unique and innovative products, ethically sourced and sustainably produced using good working practices.