Welcome To The Shiny New Meraki Website!

At long last we are able to bring our super shiny new website to you!! What a crazy few months it’s been. In lockdown we have all had to adapt our ways of working, thinking and creating. It’s been scary and lonely at times but working in this new way has pushed us to take risks and search for new opportunities.  

This period has really highlighted ways in which creative jobs are undervalued and under threat. Collaborating, celebrating and supporting talented young artists and creative thinking is now more necessary than ever as is the need to strengthen connections and nurture relationships.

We’ve had some highs and a lot of lows, but creativity is at the heart of everything we do and a pandemic was not going to stop us!! Being a bunch of women, we were able to support each other, which is at the core of what we do and now look where we are!

So, we hope you’ll follow and be a part of our journey! 

Love from us all at