5 Date Night Ideas That Are Better Than Netflix

For many, date nights feel like a thing of the past as lockdown life drags on and Netflix marathons become a daily occurrence. However, creating a fun date night at home is easier than you think and doesn’t need to be red roses and romantic music! We’ve put together 5 date night ideas that you can try at home with your partner or with a friend.


1. Games night

Stepping away from your phone to have a games night is one of our favourite things to do for date nights at home. Pour your favourite drink, grab some snacks and set up your game, just remember not to fall out when one of your inevitably loses.

Not sure where to start? Here are some games night ideas:

  • Chess
  • Uno
  • Scrabble
  • Bananagrams
  • Jenga
  • Monopoly
  • Cards
  • Backgammon


2. Take it in turns to create a travel inspired cook-off 

This is a great alternative to your traditional cooking evening as you each decide on which course you are going to cook and from which country it’s inspired by. One night could be Thai food and you each pick a course to experiment which flavours inspired by Thailand, it’s great as you can get experimental and it doesn’t fall on one person to do all the cooking.

Why not make it a weekly thing, choosing a new country each week. You may even find a new found talent or favourite meal.


3. Create a spa experience at home

Press play on the spa playlist, get out your favourite skincare or body products and set up your home like a mini spa with robes and slippers. Fill a jug of water and infuse it with cucumber and lemon and start your weekend feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The Meraki candles are PERFECT for creating a zen experience and their natural scents will help you unwind as you enjoy a pamper session.


4. Unleash your inner artist

You may not have yourself down as the arty type but don’t let this hold you back when it come to enjoying a creative date night. If you don’t already have some, buy some art supplies such as a simple watercolour paints set, paintbrushes and some good quality art paper. Then get painting!

There is no pressure for it to be a masterpiece but it’s a great way to relax. Stuck for ideas on what to create? Head over to our Pinterest to be inspired.


5. Create your dream bucket list 

This is a great date night idea to do as a couple or with friends, grab your favourite notebook (we have some lovely ones here) and jot down 50 things you want to achieve/visit/learn/experience in the world. It’s good to remember that not all your checkbox ideas have to be big, it can be simple things like send a greetings card to someone just to say hello or order yourself a bunch of flowers. Of course, it’s good to throw some adventurous ones in there too!


We love hearing your favourite date night ideas, let us know over on Instagram.